Tartu – the Smart Location in Estonia – brochure design

Tartu City Government wished to promote an image of Tartu to potential foreign investors and business partners.

Emajõe Disain created a solution which presents actual information about the business environment in a way which creates a positive image. Each page provides several layers of information: photomontage, web addresses, headline, subheading text, statistical graph, personal testimony and a photo of leading individual. The concept, structure, text, photo-direction and artwork by Emajõe Disain.

First printed in 2003, this has become a very popular brochure and has been reprinted many times. In 2005 it was and expanded to include Tartu County, and a third edition is being produced in 2006 with updated data and photography.




Tartu Smart Location sample page spread


Tartu - Smart Location via ISSUU