Michael Walsh

designer at Emajõe Disain

Michael Walsh has over 25 years of experience in graphic design, brand strategy, corporate visual identity, and promotional print with a specialisation in packaging design in several languages.

I have been operating from Estonia since 1992, having founded the company Emajõe Disain which has earned a reputation for creativity, quality and longevity of design solutions across the Nordic and Baltic States.

Logos with Strength and Versatility

With my professional training and graphic design experience for a wide client base, I can understand the marketing needs of any, and all, types of enterprise. I enjoy researching the client’s core business idea and then creating a logo which not only visually captures that concept but also adds value to it. I find that a “good, strong logo” solution is essential as it will then lead naturally to a good, strong corporate visual identity.

In my portfolio of logo designs, I hope you will see innovative, solid design solutions built on an underlying concept. I pride myself on carefully crafted, legible and memorable logo designs. In addition, each of the logos not only meets, but fully master the technical design requirements for versatility – functioning at large or small scale, full colour or one colour versions, and possible to reproduce in any print or display method.

Website logo page screenshot
Website PRINT DESIGN screenshot

Print and Promotion Design

Every well-designed book, brochure, catalogue or flyer succeeds by having clearly defined design objective in advance. I start the design process by finding a communication structure over the target number of pages. Then, I can see what opportunities are available for making it visually attractive and enhancing the intended message.

Usually, I leave the design of the front and back cover to the final stage, after the page layout and content has been fully established.

Quality photography is essential for good publication design. I am always closely involved in the selection and editing of photos, often involved in commissioning photos and many times doing the photo direction on location specifically for the design layout.

Have a look at the selection of my publications. I encourage you to go beyond just the front cover design – most have a link so you can view the full publication via allowing you to turn each page, see the page spread structure, zoom in and explore the detail.

Packaging graphic design and branding

Packaging graphic design is the tangible implementation of a brand and every single graphic element detail of the three dimensional product on the shelf needs to widen and deepen the brand concept.

The pack design also needs a clear solution of how this branded pack will differentiate from competing pack designs, how it maintains a visually consistent look across the pack range (including different shapes and sizes), and also how to differentiate within the range itself so as to highlight the different flavours or version of the same basic product.

For food packaging design I like to add an additional requirement: that the pack not only sells well but that it also looks like an inviting and respectable item on the dinner table, kitchen counter or fridge shelf.

Please explore my portfolio of sample packs design – behind each, I write a little more about the specific approach to each pack design solution.

Preview of pack design portfolio