Nõo Lihavürst catalogue design

A catalogue of selected products and company profile of NÕO LIHAVÜRST brand of meat products. The company AS Nõo Lihatööstus is one of the largest, longest established and most modern meat factories in the Baltics producing over 400 different products each week, ranging from fresh meats to longtime cured hams. The products are mainly from pork and beef, but a variety of poultry and game products are also available in the assortment.

The front cover of the products catalogue closely matches the design style and graphic elements used throughout the packing of these meat products. Similar graphics were used on the back walls of the exhibition space at the Aunga food trade show in Cologne. The catalogue features the packed meat products most suitable for export markets. Between each section are full page “serving style photos”, each overlaid with some relevant “fun fact” kind of information.

The inside front cover is filled with a grid of 72 thumbnail mock-up photos of Multivac and MAP packs – with just one blank space for an empty pack and overlaid text “private label”. This is to promote the openness of the Nõo Lihatööstus to carry out the packaging of meat products for other brands, typically own label supermarket retail chains. To further demonstrate this business-to-business service, the inside back cover shows one actual-size blank pack overlaid with a very wide variety of possible adhesive label die-cut shapes which can be produced on the packaging lines. This graphic solution immediately communicates to an industrial buyer the label design possibilities and the good understanding the company has of the technical aspects of food packaging.