AAKRI CONSULT logo design

AAKRI CONSULT provides consultancy and bookkeeping services with a specialisation in the agricultural sector. The name translates from Estonian to English as “acre”, thus making the agricultural reference. For the symbol, I wanted to make a “consultancy and bookkeeping” reference.

The logo symbol design solution is a direct play on the double-A of the name. In fact, the symbol shows a “golden section gauge”, a measuring device based on the “golden ratio” as the perfect method for dividing space.

This is closely related to the “golden spiral” based on “Fibonacci numbers”. Fibonacci was a famous 12th-century mathematician in Florence who introduced the new 0-9 Hindu-Arabic numeral system by applying the numerals to commercial bookkeeping, leading to the growth of banking and accounting in Europe.

Overall the logo design suggests careful “coordinated survey, measurement, calculation and division of proportions”.