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Kivisild drawbridge?

Kivisild with a central a drawbridge?
Early drawings of Kivisild proposed that the central part of the bridge would open for shipping. A drawing by Zaklowsky, which was made while the bridge was already in construction, shows how the central section could open up to the triumphal arches. Chains up to the arch are shown to link to counter weights inside the central buttress piers of the bridge. Although initially planned as a drawbridge, I can find no evidence that this was ever implemented.
None of the lithographs and drawings show the bridge open, rather they show tall-masted “Lodi” barges gathered immediately downriver of the bridge. The larger “Lodi” barges had a beam of up to 13 meters wide, so would not pass the central span of Kivisild which was only about 8.5 meters wide. More research is needed on the type of masts used on the smaller “Lodi” barges used upriver. See www.lodi.ee for information on a replica Lodi barge in Tartu.
I suspect that the plan for an opening mechanism was abandoned during construction because of its complexity. Bear in mind that the previous wooden bridge at the same location was built onto a defensive spur island in the river and could easily be closed and defended. The Kivisild design would still allow for emergency closing if needed to defend entrance to the city. To some extent it was enough to give the impression that this was an easily defended bridge.
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