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Emajõe Disain

Emajõe Disain
Michael Walsh
Tartu Kivisild




While each design project is different, the process is made up of logical steps…

Analysis: I look at all the facts in an attempt to capture the customer's real needs, looking at how I can help my client build a relationship with their own customers.

Definition: together with the client, I discuss and develop the “design brief” to establish a clear direction for the project and to make sure that we have a common understanding of what is needed while also remaining within budgetary limits.

Creation: I explore various alternative ideas and propose only those that have potential and really will help to the client's success. I find that the best concepts are those ideas that keep getting better.  Poor ideas quickly expose their problems and fall apart.

Vision: through design, I will further develop the client’s business idea, providing marketing inspiration and guidance.

Content: I bring together all the pieces of information together into and effective concept that is the core of good design.

Art: I continue working on the development of concept. I use my skills, experience, energy, and attention to detail all the way through to implementation.

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