VitaMin brandmark design

The VitaMin brandmark was created for a wide range of dairy cattle products – from animal feeds to medical preparations. The logo shows a progression from lively calf, frisky yearling and energetic cow to communicate that the product range is built around the annual lifecycle health needs of a dairy milk herd. The arc “swish” element under the animal illustrations is later used widely in packaging design, publications and advertising materials.

The “sub-title” of the brandmark is varied according to the product such as “Mineral fodder”, “Milk replacer”, or the brand suffix can be changed such as “VitaCorrect” or “VitaLact” and colour coded to help differentiate between product type within the range. Proportions and graphic elements of the brandmark have been designed to for good legibility on small size labels, but also to show subtle detail when printed large scale on paper packaging bags. Limited us number of colours was also intentional so as to keep down printing costs of large packs.