Discover Tartu brochure design

Tartu City Government wished to promote Tartu as a tourist destination and agreed with the concept of a brochure design using lots of high-quality photography rather than text messages.

The cover of the A5 brochure uses the typical layout style of Tartu City with a signature image of Tartu which has been sensitively distorted in Adobe Photoshop. The brochure unfolds open to 4 x A5, neatly fitting on a single flip-and-turn printing plate for cost efficiency. Photos were carefully cropped to a variety of formats and positioned relative to each other and also relative to folds in a way which invites the reader to unfold more, revealing the photomontage inside.

The text was reduced to a summary history of Tartu, punctuated by milestone year numerals. The brochure was printed produced in 5 different language versions, has been reprinted several times, and is easy to update over time. Photography by Meelis Lokk and Malev Toom.