New Ways to Competitiveness konverentsi logo kujundus

Eesti keele tõlkimine on vajalik.

Conference logos tend to be in a genre of their own, often being able to be much more specifically targeted at a particular concept – when compared to designing a logo for a company with a wider objective.

The logo uses what is clearly a map of EU member states, yet clearly different to typical maps. Rather than national boundaries, countries are represented by interlinking and overlapping circles to suggest regional clusters. National flag colours have been used while also including distinct regions such as the Basque Country and Catalonia.

The conference name was exceptionally long, so I broke it into 2 logical parts. Conference location and dates were also added to be used as a consistent element on the website and print materials. A website design and animated Flash web banners were included in the package offered by Emajõe Disain.

The international conference was hosted by Tartu Science Park and Tartu City Government in cooperation with Estonian Ministry of the Interior.