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Nõo Snack

Noo Lihavurst was initially intended only as an Estonian brand, but later extended to local Baltic and Russian markets with local translations of the brand name/concept … now they package many products customized with local brandings and local languages.
But then Noo wanted to enter the snack international snack foods market, with a meat snack “cigar” yet scale realities of the packaging process demanded a language neutral branding approach. English was chosen as a default language for product names, but what to do with the logo/brandname? The solution was to use the “meat prince” character, animated into a variety of product relevant poses, to anchor the brand.

With such a physically small pack there was an additional design challenge was how to find space to carry required product information in 4 languages – these are carried on the back, while the front gives lots of transparent space to inspect the product itself.

(Estonian translation needed for above)

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