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Nõo Flowpack

The rapid expansion of production at Nõo Lihatööstus reflects the success of the Nõo brand and packaging - but this success is also based on genuinely high quality meat products. In 2006 Nõo introduced a range of new products with new “FlowPack” packaging machinery, so again the packaging design solution required solving not just pack branding for new products, but also technical considerations for a new packaging and printing process.

The design formula for these gas-packed sausages closely follows the design of the existing series of vacume-packed sliced meats. In this series of products there are currently 4 sub-categories of product types with varying pack size. Some of the wider packs include a full colour photo showing product cross sections seeming to break out of the pack space. Other, more narrow packs use this area to colour code products according to type: smoked, semi-smoked or salami. Product information on back is in 3 languages.

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