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Nõo Lihavürst pasteet

By the time this patee was introduced in 2003, Nõo Lihavürst was already a widely recognised meats brand in Estonia. So, a completely new pack type, using the established language of the Nõo brand was immediately trusted by customers allowing quick market penetration.

The 4 packs share a constant design - only the flavouring text and product photo vary, allowing the customer to easily distinguish (choose). When setting up the photography I wanted to present casual, realistic servings rather than some master chef creations. As usual, I had the basic pack design already sketched so I was able to position items in the photo to compliment elements on the pack.

I remember that part of the objective was to create a pack which would do its marketing on the supermarket shelf but would also look aesthetically pleasing at home on the dinner table.

A concept for the design was to treat the plastic convenience tub as if it were a an old fashioned porcelain tub, covered with fabric and tied with a ribbon. This striped ribbon device is now used on many Lihavürst products, as are the fleur d’lil pattern, Lihavürst signature, “Eelistame Eesti sealiha”, banner treatment of product name and solid areas of burgundy red.

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