Tartu Kivisild
Tartu Renaissance
Kivisild Model
Kivisild Bellevue
Kivisild Majestic Heart
Triumphal Arch
Kivisild Geometry
Kivisild Drawbridge?
Kivisild Double Mugasto
Kivisild Motif, Mugasto
Kivisild Kirsipuu Arch
Kivisild, Before 1930
Kivisild And Belevue Hotel
Tartu Harbour With Kivisild
View Of Kivisild
Kivisild, Tartu Woodmarket
Kivisild Postcard 6
Kivisild Postcard 7
Kivisild Postcard 8
Kivisild Postcard 9
Kivisild Postcard 10
Kivisild Postcard 11
Kivisild Postcard 12
Kivisild Postcard 13
Kivisild Postcard 14
Building Of The Kivisild
Destruction Of Kivisild
Kivisild Fund



A collection of Tartu Kivisild images

Currently I am making a selection of Kivisild images, to which I am also adding text commentary. Many of these are scans of postcards and photographs which served as a basis for architectural style drawings I have made of Tartu Kivisild. Other images are reproductions of paintings of the Kivisild and some of my paintings of the Kivisild.

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Tartu RenaissanceKivisild modelKivisild BellevueKivisild Majestic Heart
Triumphal archKivisild geometryKivisild drawbridge?Kivisild double Mugasto
Kivisild motif, MugastoKivisild Kirsipuu archKaarsildKivisild, before 1930

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