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Triumphal arch

A detailed architectural study of the Kivisild triumphal arch. Created in Adobe Illustrator based on photographs and scaled to match available measurements. A print out was painted with watercolours, scanned back into Photoshop and placed as a layer in Illustrator to give the texture of weathered stone and style of hand coloured architectural drawings.

There were two of these symmetrical arches. As a result it is possible to break the design down to a stone–by-stone specification of perhaps 30 different repeating stones and cornice mouldings. Cut stonework of the original Kivisild triumphal arch was produced in Saint Petersburg and assembled in Tartu. Almost all of the bridge itself was rough-cut on site from stone supplied by manor houses in the area as ordered by the lord mayor.

According to Wikipedia, a triumphal arch is a structure in the shape of a monumental archway, in theory built to celebrate a victory in war, actually usually to celebrate a ruler. The classical triumphal arch is a free-standing structure, quite separate from city gates or walls, but the form is often used in engaged arches as well.
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